The BI Guy’s Manifesto:

Hello and welcome to my resource, blog, and services site (being developed) that is mostly about broader impacts (BI) and the BI movement! But discussed, organized, and provided in a way that moves well beyond the status quo’s thoughts and intent, on how to obtain funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) through one’s associated BI improvements.

So while I will discuss topics related to and provide resources for the NSF BI criterion –  my thoughts, will ultimately pertain to thinking about BI as it should be, a way of life without any hesitation, and by empowering others through a multitude of ways that will last for generations. Ways in which every person through their work and intuition, can have a broader impact regardless of their age, title, focus, race, and position.

This is my passion, my art, and my profession. The passion and the art of creating, societal benefit- the heart and soul of the broader impacts movement! If you are as passionate as I am about creating societal benefit, than you are by definition, also a part of this movement.

So please let me know, because we are a tribe of connectors, entrepreneurs, non-STEM, STEM, and Art professionals, movers, shakers, makers, and doers – ready to go and who astound, want to benefit the world, and make it profound!

This is the awkward enjoyable cadence of our lives…


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-The Broader Impacts Guy