Current Endeavors, Collaborations, and Initiatives

Major Endeavors, Collaborations, Initiatives, and Projects Undertaken By “The Broader Impacts Guy”

I like many have a wide range of interests. On many occasions I tend to take the leap and explore them. A few of these interests become major endeavors, collaborations, initiatives, or projects. Others may become hobbies.  In some way most if not all of these interests are related, grounded, and connected with the theme “impact”. As you might gather if you are reading this and looking at this resource, service, and blog site. It is my calling and my passion!

Provided below are some of the other major endeavors, collaborations, initiatives, and projects I am currently undertaking. I will add to this list as time and opportunity permits.


1. Being Head of Research Impact Enterprises or RIE. A Metaprising Research Impact Accelerator for Academic Institutions. Super excited about this current endeavor. It has been and should continue to be a great adventure as we evolve, strategize, pivot, help new clients, and grow. Especially post Covid – 19 pandemic! For more information visit the Research Impact Enterprises website,

2. This one started out as just an obsessive hobby. It is still a hobby but I am finding it to be increasingly comforting these last four months during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is called Copy Writing & Marketing (CW&M) Obsessive Initiatives. The “M.” below in the logo is highlighted because it is usually how I abbreviate and sign my name on many emails and etc. So, it is a play on words.

Full disclosure, I have this obsession with copy writing and marketing! I love and have a fascination for how the combination and arrangement of words, space, time, color, order, chaos, and environment can impact individuals, groups, businesses, and the masses in different ways. Especially for good and positive societal impact!

When I was young (10-13 years old) I used to draw and paint. Around 13 years of age I stopped drawing and painting and started writing poetry until I was 16. I know now but at the time I didn’t realize that I could combine writing, painting, and words to make written poetic painted drawings, aka “contextualized art for individuals, groups, and businesses”.

In addition to being able to help others maximize their impact through this type of art, it’s also a pleasurable adrenaline rush! Hence the obsession! In hindsight, maybe this is the reason that this site was initially created to be a blog that I could use to write out some of my thoughts.

I still consider myself a “novice working to become an expert” in both copy writing and marketing but I am constantly reading articles on these topics, examining copy writing and marketing work, and then employing what I learn on small projects I do for others from time to time. Actually, for almost anybody who approaches me.

No website or extensive portfolio yet, but this year I am starting to increase my activity and work in these areas. So, without further ado, welcome to Michael’s, (that’s me also called “The Broader Impacts Guy”) obsession with copy writing and marketing!