Services Offered

Individual, Group, and Institutional Services Offered By “The Broader Impacts Guy”

As Research Impact Enterprises (RIE) grows, so too will the number and type of individual, group, and institutional services offered by “The Broader Impacts Guy”. Below are a list of the services I provide most frequently. I can be reached via email at or by connecting and direct messaging (DM) via LinkedIn with questions regarding and/or requesting services.

1. Retainer-based services (i.e. BI institutional representation, coordination, and development, Institutional BI evaluation and program analysis, Strategic Research Impact office and/or organizational development, Impact infrastructure building, development, and implementation)

2. Faculty one-on-one impact and success training and coaching which can include if requested, how to mentor and sponsor graduate students for success and impact in the 21st Century and beyond

3. Graduate student mentorship and impact and success coaching

4. NSF GRFP undergraduate and graduate consulting

5. Overview of the NSF Broader Impacts (BI) criterion

6. NSF BI and other impact proposal writing review, feedback, and suggestions

7. Developing BI and research strategies, especially for a specific NSF solicitation (i.e. CAREER BI, integrated research and education plans, Individual PI, etc.)

8. Professional and Broader Impact Identity development and strategy for faculty, post-docs, and graduate students

9. Brainstorming pathways for implementing effective NSF broader impacts programs, portfolios, plans, and activities

10. How to leverage your existing campus and community resources and partnering navigation, facilitation, and negotiation for broader impacts

11.  BI evaluation and assessment planning

12. Broader impacts development and sustainability for non-NSF activities, programs, and actions, including business broader impacts and Research Impact (RI) communication, dissemination, and development