The Framework

The Broader Impacts Conceptual Framework (BICF)

The Broader Impacts Conceptual Framework (BICF) enables and helps faculty, researchers, administrators, staff, and students think and operate in a broader impacts paradigm. Among many of its other features, this framework reveals how BI is central and necessary to a university, research university, college, or institution in fulfilling its mission. This centrality also applies to any societal benefiting focused individual, entity, and organization.

Provided below the image are three (3) defining tenets of this framework that allow us to understand how Broader Impacts should be operationalized, how to distinguish what is or is not broader impacts, and how to achieve higher quality broader impacts.

The BICF depicting broader impacts central relationship with teaching, research, service, partnerships, and impact.

BICF Three Core Tenets:

1. Process. There is a process of working with other stakeholders/people before, during, and after the endeavor,

2. Finite Time. To reach a goal / obtain an outcome and specifying the amount of finite time to achieve that goal with defined measures (assessments) to determine if the outcome is accomplished,

3. Achieving A Goal. A goal that is societally desirable thus achieving a positive benefit on society or an aspect of society (not one way benefit) that is deemed relevant for all of the participating societal members.

*In summary these tenets encompass a (P)rocess with stakeholders for (A)chieving a specified goal that is societally beneficial in a (F)inite time that is measured. We call this the BIR PAF to achieving higher quality broader impacts.

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