Central Perspectives

Reframing Perspectives, Conversations, and Actions According to the BICF

BICF allows us to understand that broader impacts is based upon and accomplished through an engagement, outcome, and impact mechanism that prioritizes and celebrates life, action, and success in terms of society, societal benefiting behavior, and societal contributions.

The BICF allows one to reframe the conversation by centralizing society and legacy. Meaning that one’s teaching, service/outreach, and research, the core of what is done in institutions, faces inward to society instead of outward (i.e. a transition from thinking inside vs. outside the Academy to the Academy / academic / individual / organization with society vs the Academy / academic / individual / organization not with society).

To prepare and take action for this transition an individual, organization, or institution must be able to

1. Work in engagement best practices

2. Employ outcome thinking

3. Utilize various impact models

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