NSF GRFP RS and PRF Outline

An Outline For What To Include in The Research Statement (RS) and Personal, Relevant Background, and Future Goals (PRF) Statement For The GRFP

In general,  proposals get better rankings when the reader/reviewer is able to jump from one section to the next with relative ease. Typically, each reviewer will be provided with 10 – 20 or 25 GRFP applications to read and rate. Each application combined with other supplemental documents can end up being 20 pages or more in total. So, the quicker they can read, understand your statements (e.g. RS and PRF), and get through them the better.

Below a document has been provided that summarizes what should be included to ensure one has a competitive and “easy-to-read” RS and PRF statements. Click here or on the image to view/download the entire document.

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