NSF BI Writing/Formatting Outline

A PI/CoPI Writing and Formatting Outline For NSF Broader Impacts (BI) Narratives

One of the most important elements of a NSF proposal that reviewers use to determine whether or not to suggest monetary funds be allocated to an individual(s) or group(s) is the BI narrative. Best common practices for standard Primary Investigator/Co – Primary Investigator (PI/CoPI )research proposals suggest that the BI narrative should be one to two pages. So, for many faculty, how to write and format their BI narratives is a topic of great importance.

Depending on the type of proposal being submitted, and whether or not additional items are required, the three ways that NSF states BI can be accomplished will determine the length of the BI narrative and how it should be written. Provided below is a writing and formatting outline for standard NSF PI/CoPI research proposal narratives. Click here or on the image to view/download the document.

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