Graduation Advice

It is graduation time again. A time when hopes, angst, nervousness, excitement, dreams, career aspirations, desires, and a host of other emotions meet with reality. The reality of figuring out what is next and how to survive and hopefully thrive.

Every year during this time you hear tons of people giving advice at ceremonies, celebrations, and other events collectively and individually. Some of it will be good or bad and some of it irrelevant during these changing times. Much of it will only be figured out in hindsight.

So, as I sit here and think about what single piece of advice I can give to both those who are graduating and those who will train the next set of upcoming graduates… Advice that is relevant, only you will be able to determine if it is good.

This is what I have to say –

“Adequate Mentorship is Vital for Development, Whereas Adequate Sponsorship Gets You Through the Door”