What is Academic Research Impact (ARI)?

“Academic Research Impact (ARI) is a positive or negative immediate, future, or far future affect, effect, contribution to, or influence on a wide-range of topics, behavior, phenomena, individuals, communities, and systems that happen inside and outside the Academy as a result of academic research inputs, outputs, mid-, intermediate-, and long-term outcomes achieved through different types and intensities of engagement at any level involving a variety of people, stakeholders, and end users”.

Progression of the ARI phenomena tends to start Internally and move  Externally. Internal aspects meaning in proximity of and inherent to the Academy’s research, scholarly, and creative activity enterprise. External aspects are primarily considered to be with and for the public and society.

What are Impact Ecosystems?

Human Impact Ecosystems, aka “Impact Ecosystems” are the culmination of interconnected networks of people and communities, their specific connections with other people, places, and things, how they all interact, and the anticipated and unanticipated results or influence perceived through those interactions in a particular unit of physical and social space and time.