Migrating My Services

Hi Everyone,

Super excited about how Research Impact Enterprises (RIE) is coming along. A lot of new things, services, and initiatives are in the works!

After much contemplation and thinking about how to provide the best services to others. I have decided to migrate my broader impacts services into the RIE platform.

What does this mean for those who I serve? Nothing at the moment and no increase in the price for service.

I will keep you posted as I begin to provide my services through RIE!

Have a good rest of your week everyone!

Making Progress

Happy 4th everyone to for my Canadian friends and colleagues happy post Canada Day!

I just wanted to take a moment an say that Research Impact Enterprises (RIE) is making progress and I am super excited about it!

Among other things, we finally got our website up, https://www.research-impact-enterprises.com. It is still not been optimized for mobile but that should be accomplished in the not too distant future!

We also have started a new publication venue called, “THE RIE NURON”! NURON stands for Notes, Updates, Research, Opinion, and News,  https://www.research-impact-enterprises.com/the-nuron.

Given that I like writing, copy-writing, blogging, etc., I find this addition to be very exhilarating! I believe that there can be so much value added here!

Well that’s it for today and back to the festivities!!!!